Felippe Camargo aka Koala is a DJ, drummer and music producer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. During these six years playing and spreading his music in clubs and parties, Felippe had the opportunity to make some DJ sets in clubs such as D-Edge, Vegas, Hot Hot, Lab, 3P4, Cafe Journal, Squat Bar, 00 São Paulo, Tostex, Greenhouse Granja Viana and more. You can find his releases as Koala in many different labels around the world, such as Soul Industries (Romania), Limitation Music (Romania), Galvanic (Germany), KJU (Germany), Tronic Soundz (Germany), Parasol Phonotheque (Germany), Blackfish Productions (Germany), Deep Site Recordings (England), Dimentique (England), Hush Recordz (Portugal), Deep Clicks (Spain), La Pitti Records, Dubhe Recordings (Spain), Be Adult Music (Spain), Blue Orb Records (EUA), DeepClass Records (Spain/Argentina), Votan Records (Brazil), Voyage Inc Records (Brazil)and more.