2018 Dec 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Russian producer Antsyrev makes his debut on Potsdam's Reduced Records

Having previously chalked up releases on labels including Little Helpers and Zero Minus One, here Russian producer Arkady Antsyrev delivers a fine two-track EP for Germany's Reduced Records.

Reduced Records describe their music policy as "deep tech and deep house with a certain minimalist tendency," which neatly saves yours truly having to try and force these two cuts into any one of those rather blurry pigeonholes! That said, Your Debt does err slighly more to the deep house side of the equation with its chunky but understated bassline, long lingering synth/organ notes, cut-up, sampled vox and overall dubby feel, while the even deeper, even dubbier You Are Always Right could fit into a wide range of sets – and deserves to.

Neither cut will be any use to you at all if you've been asked to DJ at your local rugby club disco, of course. But if it's the finest in deep grooves, minimalistic but in a warm, dubby kinda way are what you're after, you need to check for this one immediately.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 24 December




Review Score: 9




Tags: Arkady Antsyrev, Reduced Records, deep house, deep techno, minimal