2018 Apr 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Brazil's DJ Anna serves up three techno cuts for Barcelona label Clash Lion

This techno EP, Anna’s first release for the label, features three differing tracks which are all linked by one element - the quality of the productions. As such, it makes for a very strong debut.

First up is Suzi In Transe itself, which despite the title is about as far from a trance track as you could get - instead, it's a masterclass in brooding techno. The track opens with a synth noise before adding first a rolling beat, with a distorted kickdrum and a shuffling closed hi-hat, and then a burbling acid riff. There are atmospheric pads, swirling sounds, a ride cymbal and vocal samples that together make a compelling listen. Next up is Impression, which starts with a strong synth riff, backed by a pad sound and accentuated by a stabbed piano chord with no sustain, adding drama. Then a kick appears along with another subtle acid riff, plus percussive clacks and clangs that give it a disjointed feel. Finally you have Into The Void, which begins with a dramatic pad sound and a galloping bassline, with these elements joined by percussive hits that make way for a breakbeat with the emphasis on the snare. It's completely different from the other two tracks, and rounds off the release nicely.

All told, you've got three standout tracks that are powerful and varied. I don’t have a favourite, because all three are well worth checking out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 April



Review Score: 8




Tags: Anna, DJ Anna, Clash Lion, techno