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Andrew Weatherall has died, aged 56

World of dance and electronic music in shock

2020 Feb 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The UK legend suffered a pulmonary embolism at home

The world of modern electronic dance music has lost one of its great pioneers, with the shock news that Andrew Weatherall has passed away at the age of 56, after suffering a pulmonary embolism (a blood clot to the heart).

A native of Windsor in Berkshire, Weatherall was known for his wide-ranging musical tastes and ability to breathe dancefloor life into the most unlikely of source material. A resident at Danny Rampling's seminal London acid party Shoom, he was a founder member of the Boys Own collective that produced the parties, acid house-era fanzine and eventually record label of the same name, and in the early years of his career was known, too, for his landmark remixes of indie acts such as New Order, Happy Mondays, The Wonder Stuff, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and St Etienne.

He went on to form dub/downtempo/trip-hop trio Sabres Of Paradise with Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns in the early 90s, and then later electro/punk-funk outfit Two Lone Swordsman with Keith Tenniswood, with whom he also ran the Rotters Golf Club label. More recently he had been working with Sean Johnston as A Love From Outer Space. He also had a successful career as a producer for artists including One Dove and Beth Orton, while remaining one of the scene's biggest DJ draws throughout his career – due in no small part to an incredible versatility and electicism that saw him spinning everything from smoked-out dub to blistering techno to 1940s swing and 50s rockabilly.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Andrew Weatherall was one of the nicest "superstar DJs" we've ever encountered: an imposing figure and a larger-than-life character, for sure, but humble and approachable at the same time, and always happy to talk music. The many, many personal recollections that have been flooding Twitter from right across the world's electronic music community today would suggest that we're far from alone in that appraisal.

The world of dance music has lost not just one of its greatest talents, but a damn nice fella to boot. RIP Andrew Weatherall.







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