2018 Oct 07     
2 Bit Thugs

ALTO may only be 15 but he knows what works on a dancefloor, says Danny Slade

Max Chapman and George Smeddles’ Resonance Records have long been known for their early support of breakout producers with bags of potential. This time the talent belongs to the 15-year-old producer Alto, and his first signing is the two track K-Town EP.

The first track is called Kasungu and starts with a swung drum pattern that's joined by a simple funky bassline and an open hi-hat . Together, they form a solid backbeat for the track to build itself upon. The main hook is a sample of a singer singing in an Eastern language that has its own rhyme and rhythm, which sounds really good when married to the funky backbeat. The second track is K-Town itself, which again has an interesting rhythmic base that's at the forefront of the mix, with the vocals strung out over it. This vocal too is in a foreign language with its own rhythmic qualities, and is looped in a way to make up a verse of sorts that plays along nicely in the mix. Bearing in mind that the 15-year-old producer has never stepped foot in a nightclub, he sure knows how to make very danceable tunes.

I don't have a favourite out of the two, and like many others that have heard it I am very impressed by the producer's obvious studio smarts. He is definitely one to watch.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 5 October



Review Score: 7




Tags: ALTO, Resonance Records, tech house, tech-house