2017 Jan 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Plush Recordings come up with the goods once again

Plush Recordings have long been one of this reviewer's favourite drum & bass labels. Plush are based jointly in London, UK and Denver, Colorado, but for this latest release they've recruited the talents of someone much closer to (iDJ's) home - Bristol lad Sam Gartside, AKA Altered Perception.

Previous Altered Perception releases on Plush have generally trodden a fairly dark, minimal path. The title cut here, though, has a lighter touch, topping a liquid-style blend of rolling beats and rumbling bass with a treated vocal - "I've got a message for you/you've got to find your own way" - that's got a vaguely trip-hoppy kinda feel. Suffice to say the Bristol force is strong with this one!

Next comes Submerged,  a slightly more minimal affair whose sparse, steppy beats are counterpointed nicely by delicate, almost music box-like keys, but underpinned by some seriously savage bottom-end growl. We stay in steppers' territory with the dark n' gnarly Gangster, which rocks what I think is a Goodfellas vocal sample (and if it's not, it's certainly a homage to it), while finally Bubble Bass (ft Incus) is a proper full-on liquid roller topped with some gorgeously lingering, fragile keys work.

Previous Altered Perception releases already impressed; this EP, which sees him spreading his wings a little wider stylistically, only serves to demonstate that he well deserves his fast-rising status.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 16 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: Altered Perception, Sam Clartside, Plush Recordings, Alchemic Breaks, D&B, DnB, D+B, drum n' bass, drum & bass, Bristol