2018 Jul 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The producer's a bit of a mystery, but he's found a fan in Danny Slade

This little beauty is a three-track trance release with no information supplied about the tracks or the producer, so all I can do is tell you about the music.

The first track is Rise Above This itself. It starts with a solid kick, a lead line and choral pads in a driving uplifting style, which take you to a massive breakdown with more choral pads and a new lead line. The new lead stays with the track as it kicks back in and very melodically meanders its way to a long outro. The second track is called World Of Madness and is a deeper cut, with a brooding breakdown and a sinister feel to it. It's a more sedate affair, and perhaps more suited to warm-up sets, but is quality nonetheless.

Finally you have On Waves, another driving, uplifting tune with a bassline intro that's added to with whooshes and acidic noises before the large synth lead sound arrive. The lead is quite classical-sounding and hence is a perfect match for the grand piano riff in the breakdown, which is supplemented by an arpeggiated riff that leads on to a breakbeat section with deep sub-bass tones. It's the most musical track on the EP and reminds me of trance anthems of yesteryear.

So there you have it - a mystery release that pleases on many levels, especially in the case of the last track, which is a tour de force that will get a proper hammering from yours truly.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Allan Dark, Gert Records, trance