2018 May 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Dutch newcomer Toman supplies the obligatory remix

What we have here is a tasty two-track release from Alice Clark, which features a stonking remix from Dutch new kid on the block Toman.

First up is the Original Mix of the title track, which starts a thudding kick, a muted clap and a synth leadline, then grows with a shaker sound and random female vocals until the funky bassline kicks in. This adds a swung rhythm to proceedings, which is accentuated when the hi-hat arrives. It's minimal in its presentation and is a great opener.

Next up we have the Toman Remix, a meatier affair that opens with a pronounced kick, random sounds and the female vocal line repeated throughout the intro. It really comes to life when the funky bass is added, along with a swung hi-hat pattern and an almost breakbeat snare pattern that give it great depth of sound. The vocal is cut up and the first word ("vibrational") is looped and plays in the background, while there are lots of other incidental sounds throughout. Finally you have Trip, a builder that starts with a drum pattern and synth riff and keeps adding layers of percussion, odd sounds and small vocal samples until you have a rather tasty minimal house track.

The clear winner for me is the Toman rub of Vibrational but all three are well worth checking out if you like your music techy and minimal.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Alice Clark, Toman, Cyclic Records, minimal