2016 Sep 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP forms part of a pair alongside a second EP from Flashmob

This release comes as part of a pair but is easily worthy of a review in its own right, as contained in this package are some soundscapes that have come out of Turkey and just beg to be heard by a broader audience. It is produced by veteran producer Alican, Istanbul’s top techno exponent who also runs the world renowned Indigo Club in that very same city.

There are five tracks. The first is Big Screen, which marries pulsing techno to a funky bassline and eerie alien-esque vocals to produce a throbbing groove that just makes you want to dance. That is followed by Carrion which has a rock-solid back beat and echoed and flanged vocals that lead to a Moroder-inspired synth riff which weaves its way through the track and intensifies as more sounds are added.

Next you have Resochord, a slow builder with muted sounds, bleeps and stereo flanged pads, then the title track Indigo which is a deeper, darker affair but with the same level of aural detail as the others, along with added vocals that are used more like instrumentation. Finally you have Ex Twins feat Soner Ince, which is slightly filmscore-esque with whispered breathy vocals, crunchy sounds, a bubbling bassline and cowbells.

As I mentioned, this is part of a pair to celebrate Connected’s ninth release, with the catalogue number being 009east for this (as it's of Eastern origin), and the other EP by Italian producer Flashmob being 009west (as he is of Western origin). Flashmob’s release is also well worthy of a listen but for me Alican’s EP has more depth and more defined chunky danceable grooves to it. To try to pick a favourite track though would be sheer folly as all are winners to my ears.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 23 September


Review Score: 9




Tags: Connected, Alican, Kompakt, techno, Flashmob