2018 Jun 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Russian producer Alex Twitchy and friends serve up a fine three-track EP for the Welsh label

Alex Twitchy makes his 5 Finger Discount debut with a three-track EP that's fileable under 'tech-house' or just simply 'house' as you see fit.

Break It is up first, a chunky, tuff-ish affair wherein a treated male "break it, break it" vocal loop takes centre stage, aided and abetted by rock-solid 4/4s, tizzy hi-hats, a big n' meaty warping synth riff that harks back to the rave era and a second "Is that so?" vocal that's used to usher in pattern changes, with some subtle crowd chatter underpinning the lot to give the track a definite party-starting feel.

Next, Twitch teams up with Alex Aveiro for Abaddon, a more low-slung n' sleazy affair with a snaking bassline, more rave-y synths and subtly applied echoing female vocal snips. The EP's then completed by Dual Disco collab On The Fritz, which could have ended up as just A.N.Other purely functional, percussive tech-houser, but elevates itself from the herd with a fat, ass-shaking b-line and chopped and looped "rock to the rhythm of the beat" vox.

Three more than solid cuts that'll move Saturday night house floors without a doubt.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 1 June


Review Score: 8




Tags: Alex Twitchy, 5 Finger Discount, Dual Disco, Alex Aveiro, tech-house, tech house, house