2017 Nov 22     
2 Bit Thugs

Slovenia's Alex Ranerro is the man chosen to helm the label's first release

Sense Traxx are a label that was born from an events brand which started five years ago. They've just launched a sub-label called Deeper Traxx, and this is its inaugural release. As the name suggests, the new imprint will focus on deeper shades of house and this track is a great example.

Hardcase is produced by Slovenia’s Alex Ranerro and starts with some jazzy chords over a percussive intro, which get louder and are joined by some strings before the funky bassline kicks in. There are vocal samples and dubby elements, and the whole ethos of the track is deep but groovy and sounds great.

The second track is a remix of Hardcase by Sebb Junior which kicks off with a bongo line, a clap and a bass note, but very quickly evolves into a funky little number, with a female vocal in the forefront and a slick backing with a swung drum beat, claps and jazzy electric piano licks, making it feel a lot fuller than the original mix. Finally you have bonus cut Utopia, which is smooth and more laidback, with techier elements in play, and keeps up the jazzy ethos with wood blocks, ethereal synths and a well balanced sound.

This is a very accomplished label debut and fits perfectly with the label’s remit to release a deeper sound. My favourite is Sebb Junior’s remix of Hardcase but I’m sure that all three will find favour because this is good stuff all round.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 17 November



Review Score: 9




Tags: Alex Ranerro, Sense Traxx, Deeper Traxx, house