2018 Apr 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The two-track EP is headed straight for Danny Slade's dancefloors...

This tasty two-tracker is Alex M’s first release for the esteemed Flashmob Records, and both tracks are quality.

First up is Change, which starts with a military-sounding snare roll, claps and a hi-hat to which a hefty kickdrum is then added, taking you nicely to a mini-breakdown with a synth riff and then on into the main body of the track, which features a trippy female vocal, an acidic bassline and rolling tom toms. It has a great chugging feel and is very atmospheric, with the vocals messed around with later on and some spacey sound effects added for good measure.

The title track is up next, and starts with a great tuned kick and clap which are added to with a great acidic topline as the main hook, which never loses it and sounds rich and warm. Later on, some female vocal snippets come in, swathed in loads of echo: they sound suitably tripped out and fit the track's ethos perfectly. The acid line continues and there are a number of breakdowns with a one-note string line in one and a siren in another, adding tension. The track plays out with the acid line, kick and clap, and finishes with a cymbal crash.

This EP delivers on many levels and I can safely say that both of these tracks are going to get a good hammering from yours truly over the next few months. A great release.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 13 April


Review Score: 9




Tags: Alex M, Alex M (Italy), Flashmob Records, house