2019 Aug 07     
2 Bit Thugs

The Cologne-dwelling Portuguese producer serves up a trio of driving techno slabs

Alejandro Alvarez is back with the Molecules EP, which packs three tracks of driving yet uplifting techno.

The first track is a stormer called The Reason Why. A rolling percussion loop and echoed claps are joined by a meaty kick and the track builds from there, with a tasty throbbing synth and eerie pads. These sounds take you to a breakdown with a vocal sample saying "it was one man's vision," and then it's back into the groove.

The second track, Pandora, is another solid techno groove, with granite-like slabs of sound coming at you from the speakers with sparse, crisp percussion and a slightly Middle Eastern-sounding main riff as the hook. Again it finds the right balance between the dark and the light, and will be perfect for mid-set plays when everyone is right in the musical flow. And then finally we get to the title track Molecules, which begins with percussion and another throbbing synth riff. The latter grows in stature and volume as the percussion builds, and when it all kicks in it's an extra-meaty floorfiller if ever I heard one, and a track that you can really lose yourself in.

I'm very taken with this release: it simply has no duff bits, which is rare these days, and any one of the three tracks could have been the lead.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 August


Review Score: 8




Tags: Alejandro Alvarez, Studio 3000, techno, Cologne, Köln