2017 Mar 19     
2 Bit Thugs

Old School Department really live up their name with this release!

Very recently we've noticed something of a micro-trend in house circles, whereby some very familiar samples seem to be coming back into play. This latest release from Switzerland's ever-excellent Old School Department is a case in point.

Spanish newcomer Aitor Astiz is the man with his hands on the controls, and he's certainly not averse to giving house music history a wee nod via the art of sampling. Instrumentally, the title track here is a perfectly serviceable affair comprising tuff-ish 4/4s, a muscular bassline, synth risers and a dash of acid, but it's the vocal samples that stand out the most, as "house music all night long" (which predominates), "okay party people in the house" and "ch-ch-check this out!" are all given another run-out. Over on the B, meanwhile, No One Understands is a deeper, smoother house jam, with slowly rising synths à la Akabu classic Ride The Storm and, yes, another very familiar vocal snip, this one originating from the tonsils of Nina Simone.

There will be those who balk at such well-worn samples, of course. But we suspect just as many househeads will love this... particularly those with a few more miles on the clock!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 13 March



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Tags: Aitor Astiz, Old School Department, house, deep house