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Affordable monitoring headphones from Fostex

Introducing the new TH7 series

2017 Jan 24     
2 Bit Thugs

The budget cans boast great frequency response and come in four colours

There was no shortage of new DJ and studio kit from the likes of Pioneer, Gemini, Roland and Akai on display at last week's NAMM show. But that means it's easy for things to slip through the net... such as, for instance, these ultra-affordable monitor headphones from Fostex, which are set to retail for just $99 (£80 approx).

While not an insubstantial amount to fork out if you're just listening to music on the bus, for monitor-grade headphones that's positively 'bargain basement'. The TH7 series, though, do seem to have the specs to back up Fostex's claim that they're suitable for "applications ranging from live sound monitoring to critical listening in studios and at home". Most importantly, there's an impressive 10Hz-35kHz frequency response, while their 100dB sensitivity coupled with 40mm drivers and a closed-back design means you certainly won't be left struggling to hear them.

The TH7 'series' name is arguably a bit misleading, because the TH7BK, TH7BL, TH7RD and TH7WH differ in colour only (black, blue, red and white, respectively). All the same, if these cans deliver on the marketing hype's promise - and given Fostex's track record of producing studio-grade hardware, there's no reason to automatically assume they won't, although it's worth noting that these appear in the 'consumer' rather than the 'pro' section of Fostex's website - they could be well worth a look for producers on a budget.

For full details, find Fostex online here.





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