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Sweden's hottest musical export

2019 Jun 28     
2 Bit Thugs

This globe-trotting Swedish DJ and former radio host is now also emerging as a production talent to keep an eye on

Until recently, Barcelona-based Adeline was probably better known for her prowess behind the decks than her studio skills – especially in her native Sweden, where she formerly hosted the most listened-to electronic music radio show in the whole of Scandinavia. But in recent years she's started to concentrate more on her own productions, with releases on respected labels like Kindisch, Culprit and Resonance. And as new Crosstown Rebels single You're Sick shows, she's certainly got the chops to take them a lot further.

Though her name's undoubtedly been getting better known in the last few years, Adeline is no newcomer. As you'll read below, she's been actively involved in the scene since the mid-00s – most notably running Stockholm club night Housewives with fellow Swedish producer La Fleur – while her involvement in music generally dates right back to childhood. More recently, she's been living playing all over the world, and this year returns to Zoo Project in Ibiza for her second year as resident there. Before that, she was resident for Destino at Pacha.

The You're Sick EP – out today – features four tracks. Adeline's original is a tuff house groove that features her own distinctive vocal, while Mr Bass Culture himself – French legend D'Julz – delivers a tasty dub. Elsewhere on the EP, Dust To Bone is quite a stripped-back, eyes-down affair but again features Adeline's own voice, as does the more melodic, drifty Rite De Passage.

So much for the new EP, then – now read on to find out more about the woman that made it…

You grew up in the Swedish countryside, which I'm guessing isn't much of a 'hub' for clubbing and electronic music… so what was your route into the scene in the first place?

"I started DJing during my university years, back in the mid-00s in Stockholm. I signed up for a DJ school that was just kicking off: it was an extraordinarily serious one, spanning three months, but I was living my life with a very academic approach so that was probably exactly the format that I needed! 

"From there, I threw myself into the Stockholm club scene straight away, and later on hosted club nights – one together with La Fleur called Housewives – and started playing all over Sweden. Soon after that, I also started hosting my radio show. I did finish my studies, though, and got that M.Sc in Mathematics after all!"

Where are you currently based? Because in different places I've read Barcelona, Ibiza and London…

"I’m based all over the place! I keep most of my stuff in Barcelona for the moment, and that’s also where my studio space is, but right I’m splitting my base between Europe and the US, and I'll be back in Miami after the summer. I love to be inspired by different cultures, and as I’m playing more in North and South America, I like to spend time this side of the pond."

Your radio show was quite key in your rise to fame. Is radio still important for young DJs in the Souncloud/Mixcloud era, do you think?

"There’s no universal truth on what’s a good way to go, but your heart will know! For me, hosting radio shows was fun way to express myself and meet other artists. I loved doing interviews and telling stories to my listeners. It makes it a bit more personal, if you will, than what putting together a podcast without added words can ever convey."

As seems to be the way with a lot of today's newer producers, you sing on your own tracks. What are the pros/cons of this, do you think, versus using guest vocalists? Have you ever used/would you consider using guest vocalists yourself?

"It’s not so much a matter of a pro or con, I don't think, it's just whatever floats the boat. I’m all about flow, and whatever flows works for me! I’ve been singing all of my life, probably starting in the front seat of my mum’s car to and from school in young years, then moving on to the church choir, a gospel choir, and having individual singing lessons with teachers from all over the world. 

"The voice is a very powerful instrument if you tune into and expand on its potential. It’s the one instrument that comes built into our bodies, and it offers ways to express and connect with people beyond words and mind."

To my ears, there's a slightly new wave/alternative edge to your vocals… who are some of the singers that have most inspired you? 

"Well, I did grow up as an indie kid! I was really into the Swedish indie scene back in the day, The Knife being one of my first musical loves in those early teen years. So I think maybe that's been a subconscious inspiration. 

"It’s always a challenge to do vocals that are fitting for the type of music I do and play, as they need to be very rhythmical, but at the same time also stripped-back melodically. Less, in a way, seems to always be more effective."

Your release CV isn't hugely long, but it does include some very respected labels. Did you make a conscious decision to only shop tracks to heavy-hitting imprints?

"Yes – I’m a go-getter by nature, and I always set out to conquer my dreams. Eternal experimentation and perseverance will take you wherever you want to go!"

With your increasing focus on studio work, do you see yourself, now, as being first and foremost a DJ or a producer.... or are the two inextricably linked?

"Well, I started DJing first. Then I started making music a couple of years later, as a way to express – and I guess also rebel against – my sadness from a break-up. However, music has always been in my life, either playing instruments or singing in the church choir as a kid or now as my choice of career. I'm a creative, and music is my tool, whether it’s DJing, producing or playing live: they're all different facets of the same gem."

Getting D'Julz to do a remix for You're Sick is quite a coup… how did that come about?

"I’ve always been a fan of D’Julz, his label and productions, and I’ve known him for a couple of years now, our roads most often crossing in Ibiza. I’m such a fan of the timeless sound he represents and felt it would be an exciting take for a remix on this EP."

If you could pick one moment that was pivotal to getting you where you are today, what would it be?

"There isn't one – it’s the daily commitment to the process that’s always bringing me forward. I see myself as my biggest work of art, and I always work to deeper understand the mysteries of life. The more I learn, the more I grow and the better I become at being myself. The external results follow as a consequence."

Finally, what else is coming up for you that iDJ readers need to know about?

"I’m super-pleased to be a part of Damian Lazarus’s residency at Void in Mykonos this summer, and I’ll also be continuing my residency at Zoo Project in Ibiza. I’m in the process of launching my label Body Frequency, with the first release coming after the summer, and I also have a remix for my Swedish sista from another mista, La Fleur, coming out in September."

Words: Russell Deeks Pic: Dimitri Daniloff

You're Sick is out today (28 June) on Crosstown Rebels

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