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Acid Pro returns with first update in over 10 years

Magix Software gives the iconic loop-based DAW a whole new lease of life

2018 Apr 24     
2 Bit Thugs

Twenty years after it was first launched, Acid Pro has been relaunched. It will be its first update since it was part of Sony’s Creative Suite.

As promised by Magix in January, Acid Pro is back. Sitting at cool € 149,99, boasting a new interface, 9GB of loops, new composition, MIDI and editing features, 24-bit 192kHz multitrack recording and powered by 64-bit technology; it’s had the facelift it’s deserved since the mid 2000s.  

Acid was launched in 1998 by Sound Foundry (the same company behind a series of revolutionary creative software programs during the turn of the century such as Vegas and Sound Forge) and became part of the early wave of home-use Digital Audio Workstations, inspiring a new generation of PC beatmakers.

Famed for its use of audio and loop manipulation, ease of use, automation functions, clip management and many other intuitive functions, it enjoyed cult DAW status until the mid 2000s before being overtaken by the more powerful and complex DAWs such as Ableton and Logic. Taken over by Sony Creative Software in the 2003, while Acid remained in use until the late 2000s, its last update was in 2008 and it failed to hit the spot with old fans due to its lack of routing options and the addition of what many felt to be a convoluted MIDI feature.

Now developed by MAGIX (a Berlin-company who also have a deep DAW history with Magix Music Maker, launched in 1994), they promise that Acid Pro 8 steps up against all contemporary DAWs but still boasts the simplicity and functionality that many producers warmed to 20 years ago. Offering a range of loops, effects and instruments such DN-e1’s virtual analogue synthesizer, Vandal SE guitar effects, a Vita 2 sampler and 11 solo instruments. This is before we get to 9GB of ACIDized loops, also included in the € 149,99 price tag.

“ACID Pro has a long, distinguished history and a very large and loyal following. It was vital, then, that we spent a long time consulting with this ACID community of artists and producers over how we should improve the software. We are very pleased that most of their suggestions have been included in ACID Pro 8. This enormous passion of the ACID fan base has really transferred to me and my team,” says Magix product owner Torsten Heise. “We firmly believe that, with its enhanced power and features-set, this latest version of ACID Pro will appeal to those users and a completely new generation of creative musicians and professional producers. ACID Pro 8 heralds a new dawn in the software's glorious history and will become the DAW of choice for today's forward-thinking and creative artists.”

Promising a full VST3 update later this year, available in a monthly 365 subscription model from  €7.99 per month and backed up by a community site where they promise more loops, sounds and instruments, it’s clear Magix have taken Acid’s relaunch very seriously. For full details visit Magix website.





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