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Access reissues Virus Darkstar synth

The acclaimed virtual analogue synthesizer is back in black!

2016 Mar 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Access will also be taking part in Berlin's Superbooth keyboard exhibition later this month

Access, maker of the popular Virus range of virtual analogue synths, is reissuing the Virus T1 Darkstar, a black-bodied version of the TI2 Polar that was previously made available only in a very limited run.

For the benefit of any readers who aren't entirely clear, a 'virtual analogue' synth is one that recreates the sounds of an analogue synth using DSP (digital signal processing) technology. The term was first used to describe Clavia's Nord Lead in 1994, though Roland's D-50 arguably pioneered the approach as early as 1987. Access launched the original Virus back in 1997, and the range has received many upgrades and overhauls in the years since then, notably with the launch of the Virus TI series in 2005.

The TI2 Polar arrived in 2009, and with its compact size is aimed at DJs and producers in bedroom/project studios. It features a 37-key keyboard, 110-voice polyphony, three oscillators each with its own sub-oscillator, three LFOs, a wide variety of waveforms, an analogue filter, two multi-mode filters, 129 built-in FX and a six-source/three-output modulation matrix. As the name suggests, the TI2 Polar has a white body; the Darkstar version was a limited edition when it was first released, but is now going into full-time production.

A price for the Darkstar hasn't been officially announced, but the TI2 Polar currently retails at around £1,500-£1,600. For more details, see the Virus website.

The news comes alongside the announcement that Access will be exhibiting at Superbooth, a new keyboard- and synth-focused trade show taking place in Berlin on 31 March-2 April. For info on the show, see





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