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A short film about long DJ sets

'Odyssey' stars Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Andy C, Danny Tenaglia and more

2017 Mar 15     
2 Bit Thugs

The film is being released in anticipation of a major tour by Toolroom boss Mark Knight

Now available on YouTube, Odyssey is a new 17-minute mini-documentary that looks at longer DJ sets and asks if playing extended sets is an artform that's in danger of being lost.

The film, which you can watch below, is a Toolroom Records production, and Toolroom boss Mark Knight features heavily both as an interviewee and conducting interviews himself with the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Chus & Ceballos, Andy C and Jonas Rathsman - all DJs known for playing longer sets, as opposed to the hour-long slots that are increasingly common these days.

Odyssey's release trails the start of a major tour by Knight which will see him playing all night long at the following venues:

Culture Box, Copenhagen (12 April)
Womb, Tokyo (22 April)
Panama, Amsterdam (27 April)
Output, New York (28 April)
Soundbar, Chicago (29 April)
Pacha, Munich (5 May)
Uniun, Toronto (19 May)
New City Gas, Montreal (21 May)
Sound, Los Angeles (2 June)
Audio, San Francisco (3 June)
Harterei, Zurich (17 June)
Basing House, London (24 June)
Gorilla, Manchester (7 July)
Danceteria, Helsinki (26 August)
Roxy, Prague (22 September)






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