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A new streaming site is launching this weekend will make its debut on Friday

2020 Sep 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The new pay-per-view site is the brainchild of The Advent and Dave Bate

The Advent have teamed up with Portland-based DJ, producer, label owner and record dealer Dave Bate to launch, a new pay-per-view streaming service designed specifically to host DJ sets. aims to avoid the copyright infringement issues that have affected DJs' live streams on Facebook and other social media platforms, by ensuring that full playlists for every set are submitted to performing rights societies, with artists getting a cut of the money the site makes from viewing fees. Those fees start as low as €5 (£4.60 approx) for five hours' viewing, and rise to €20 (£17.60 approx) for 20 hours.

The DJs who provide the actual mixes will also be paid, based on how many minutes' viewing their streams have clocked up. And, just like a real nightclub, there'll be mix of resident DJs and one-off guests. will broadcast live every weekend, starting at 9pm on Friday and finishing at midnight on Sunday, with a music policy that (despite the site name) embraces "house, techno and electro". All streams will then remain online until the following weekend, giving viewers a chance to catch up on anything they've missed and use up any leftover viewing credits.

The schedule for their first weekend is as follows:

Friday 25 Sept 
Black Room: The Advent (electro set)
Blue Room: Dave Bate, DJ Knob
Cyan Room: A.Paul, Pippa (Adeline Rose)
Red Room: Cari Lekebusch, Orion
Purple Room: EPM w/Oliver Way, Robert Hood
Green Room: Sync 24, Kerrie
White Room: Submerge
Orange Room: Tony Humphries
Yellow Room: G Flame, Tom Mitchell
Grey Room: Detroit Techno Militia

Saturday 26 Sept
Black Room: The Advent (techno set), CJ Bolland
Blue Room: The Fallen, Tom Mitchell
Cyan Room: A.Paul B2B Dextro
Red Room: Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano
Purple Room: EPM: w/Oliver Way, Floorplan
Green Room: Sync 24, Silicon Scally (live)
White Room: Hiroko Yamamura
Orange Room: Dennis Gregory, Martin Gee
Yellow Room: Ron Trent 
Grey Room: Claude Young: Delano Smith, Norm Talley

Sunday 27 Sept
Yellow Room: Lady CC





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