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'A Movement' by Fidra

Heads-down house grooves from Galleria Records

2018 May 23     
2 Bit Thugs

The track is taken from his split EP with label boss Sandy Turnbull, out Friday

Our second great track exclusive this week comes to you courtesy of Galleria Records, as iDJ proudly brings you the first chance to hear A Movement (I Like How It Feels) by Fidra. The track comes from a split EP with label boss Sandy Turnbull, which is out on Friday (25 May).

A Movement also just happens to mark Fidra's production debut. Classically trained from a young age, this slightly mysterious young producer grew up on the east coast of Scotland, where he tells us "house is virtually non-existent". But clubbing trips across Scotland and the north of England inspired him to go into the studio, and upon hearing some of his earliest productions via a mutual friend, Turnbull snapped them up for Galleria.

The A-side of the EP is taken up by Turnbull's Tell Me, a midpaced deep houser with a throbbing, dubby bassline, tribal-leaning drums, diva vox and an overall 'mid-90s New York' kinda feel. But on the B you'll find A Movement (I Like The Way It Feels), a drummy, heads-down affair that's tailormade for keeping locked-on 4am floors moving.

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