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A lorra, lorra Bora Bora

Download 12 full mix albums for free

2018 Sep 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Bora Bora Music offer up a killer freebie to mark the brand's 21st anniversary

2018 marks 21 years since Londoner Gee Moore moved to Ibiza, took over a small beach bar named Bora Bora, located right next door to Space on Playa D'En Bossa, and swiftly went about transforming it into the island's favourite (and most famous) beach bar, playing 12 hour DJ sets daily and bringing that club atmosphere right down onto the beach.

These days, Mr Moore is based in Brazil, after relocating there in 2005, and the original (Ibizan) Bora Bora is under new ownership. But he still runs the Bora Bora Music label and continues to tour the brand around the world - and to mark the 21st anniversary of his taking that original, history-making plunge, he's just made all 12 of the mix albums the label has released available for free download.

The full list of mix comps that can be yours for the princely sum of Absolutely Nish (plus a follow on social media) is as follows:

Bora Bora Ibiza (1999)
Bora Bora Day And Night (2000)
Bora Bora Beach Life (2001)
Destinations Bora Bora Ibiza (2002)
Bora Bora Loves Me, Loves You (2003)
Bora Bora Live Vol 1 (2004)
Bora Bora Live Vol 2 (2005)
Bora Bora Sun Of A Beach (2006)
Bora Bora Life Is A Beach (2007)
Bora Bora The Beach Is Back (2008)
Bora Bora Black Beach White Beach (2009)
Bora Bora 2012 (2012)

As you'd expect from a series spanning 12 (mostly double) albums and 13 years, there's a huge variety of music reflected on these comps, from minimal techno to speed garage to vocal trance - though the emphasis is firmly on chunky, funk-fuelled house music . For anyone who holidayed on the White Isle in the late 90s or 00s, those memories are likely to come flooding back!

To get your free albums - which are supplied in 320kbps format - click here.





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