2018 Mar 04     
2 Bit Thugs

Eclectic Greek duo 9West present us with their vision of techno

Constantine Tikis and George Exarhos, AKA 9West, have been DJing and producing since 1998. For this release, they deliver four tracks of pure techno for your listening pleasure.

First up is Framelapse, which starts with an old school-sounding synth riff and a kickdrum. As the track progresses another synth is added, then a closed hi-hat, but the overall feel remains very minimal, with the second synth riff taking centre-stage. Next up is Retroscope itself, which builds more traditionally with a kick, hi-hat and clap, plus a brooding synth riff that's joined by an acid line and a third synth riff that takes over and leads you on a merry dance of techno goodness.

That's followed by Temptations, which has a booming kick and a stabbed piano riff for an intro, then develops nicely with another stabbed synth line, a hi-hat and a clicking noise which takes you to a breakdown and onwards. Finally you have Timeshifted, which has a more ambient feel, with a one-note synth line and a developing synth riff that gets busier as the track moves forward, while a second riff comes in and out of play throughout.

This is Constantine and George’s vision of techno, as they are multi-genre producers, and I have to say that they've come up with a coherent release. My favourite is the title track but all are worth checking out if you fancy something slightly different.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 1 March



Review Score: 7




Tags: 9West, USM Recordings, techno