2010 Feb 01      Issue: 108
2 Bit Thugs

Debut album comes from the same stable that brought you Haggis Horns

"6ix Toys!", said the South African party planner, brandishing a pair of dildos. There, I've got that out of my system; now let's focus on the music. Like Haggis Horns or The Bamboos, 6ix Toys are a slick contemporary funk band who can hold down a groove tighter than our publisher's purse strings.

Vocalists such as Connie Lush, Yarah Bravo and Katie Miller swing by for some party flavours, but the band are predominantly instrumental and in all honesty, it's most likely the loose, vocal-free jams like their wild cover of Voodoo People and the smoky jazz-funk of Giggle that you'll remember the most.

With shades of hip-hop, soul and blues thrown in for good measure, 6ix Toys are way, way more than a cheap poke at the South African accent.


Review Score: 8/10