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Watch DJ Pied Piper's video for 'For The Ladies'

Featuring Unknown MC, Creed, Sharky P, PSG & MC DT

2017 Jun 26     
2 Bit Thugs

The single came out on Friday (23 June)

There's been a definite resurgence of interest in UK garage and bassline sounds of late, so the time couldn't be much riper for a few scene veterans to get on the comeback trail. Which is why Friday saw the release on Wat Records of For The Ladies by DJ Pied Piper, of Do You Really Like It? fame.

Unbelievably, For The Ladies is actuallly Pied Piper's first single since that 2001 smash hit (although he's been DJing at UKG events pretty much constantly for all that time) But he hasn't got The Masters Of Ceremonies in tow this time around - instead, mic duties are taken care of by a roll-call of other old school UKG MCs, namely Unknown MC, PSG, MC Creed, MC DT and Sharky P. There's a few cheeky nods to classic UKG tracks of yore in there as well - see if you can spot them all! 

As we mentioned on Facebook last week, special respect is also definitely due to PSG - a firefighter by day, he was one of those rushing into a burning Grenfell Tower to rescue victims. Anyway, here's the video...






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