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Two Factory Records boxsets announced

Celebrating the legendary Manc label's 40th anniversary

2019 Aug 06     
2 Bit Thugs

The limited edition boxsets will be released in October and November, but pre-ordering now is strongly recommended

This year marks 40 years since the first-ever release on legendary Manchester label Factory Records, and to mark the anniversary, Warner Music has announced two limited-edition boxsets of classic Factory material.

The first boxset is entitled Use Hearing Protection, and contains facsimiles of the first 10 items to be given a FAC number (Factory famously numbered everything to do with the label, not just its records – The Haçienda, for instance, was FAC 51). So that's four vinyl records, three posters, a short film and, er, a design for an egg-timer. The records in question are The Factory Sample EP (FAC 2), All Night Party by A Certain Ratio (FAC 5), Electricity by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (FAC 6) and Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album (FACT 10). Buyers will also get a 60-page book and a white label 12-inch that was recorded for Factory by The Tiller Boys but never released, plus a lengthy interview with label founder Tony Wilson and Joy Division, spread across two CDs.

The second boxset, Factory: Communications 1978-1992, features 63 tracks from right across the label's 15-year history. Originally released as a four-CD box in 2009, the tracks have now been remastered and spread across eight vinyl albums. Featured artists include New Order, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column, Section 25, Quando Quango and more.

Use Hearing Protection will be released on 11 October, priced £180 and limited to 4,000 copies. Factory: Communications 1978-1992 will follow on 8 November, priced £127.99 and limited to 500 copies. Both can pre-ordered now via Rhino.

There is also a Factory-themed exhibition, also titled Use Hearing Protection, taking place at the Chelsea Space gallery in London from 13 September to 25 October. The exhibition, curated by Jon Savage and Mat Bancroft, forms part of this year's London Design Festival, and entry is free. An expanded version of the exhibition will then go on display at Manchester's Science & Industry Museum in June.





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