2019 Aug 17     
2 Bit Thugs

London-based producer Trex returns to Randall's label

For his latest release, southwest lad in London exile Trex returns to Randall's Mac II, the label that put out his 2018 debut album High Time as well as a raft of previous singles and EPs.

Now then, "rollers is not a genre" is a popular refrain of our resident junglist Dave Jenkins, and he's got a point (although you could also ask if 'rollers' isn't a genre then how can 'breaks' be?). Nevertheless, what we have here are definitely five dark rollers! If we must put genre tags on things, then Society itself and Sugar Riddim feat MC Fats come on like darkside liquid funk, while Rude Awakening is slightly more energetic and aggro, Heatwave veers the closest of the five to actual jungle territory, while Hijak collab Self Medicate will have perhaps the most appeal for younger crowds thanks to its rap vocal.

But all five will suit lovers of deeper, darker D&B vibes down to the ground – and, indeed, the waistline.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 12 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Trex, MC Fats, Hijak, Mac II, Randall, drum & bass, drum n' bass, D&B, DnB, D+B