2016 Nov 06     
2 Bit Thugs

The single is the first in a series of remixes of tracks from the 'Diversified' LP

Last year's Diversified album firmly established Tantrum Desire's position in D&B's upper echelons. The album had been preceded by 2014 single Adventure Through Space, so it's only fitting that the same track has been selected as the first in what will be a series of remix releases.

The original version of Adventure... was pretty in-your-face and stadium-ish to start with, but this remix reaches for the slider marked 'gnarly' and pushes it right up into the red, the beatless spoken-vocal passages ("We wish you an enlightening experience... although your body will shrink, your mind will expand") offering only the briefest respite from its ear-piercing synths and big, filthy bass onslaught.

With a hint of trap in its rough-edged bass sounds, this is definitely one for the younger, more energetic floors. Liquid lovers and jazzbos will want to look elsewhere, but in the environment it's built for, it'll slay 'em.

Words: Laurence Hill

Release date: 27 October (Beatport) / 11 November (general release)



Review Score: 8




Tags: Tantrum Desire, Technique Recordings, D&B, drum & bass, DnB, drum n bass, D+B