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Survey London: bringing wave to the rave since 2015

Plastician's night celebrates its first birthday this Thursday

2016 Aug 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Phonox in Brixton is the place to be - and tickets cost just £5

While the wave movement continues to gain traction online, clubs that are playing the sound remain few and far between. Which makes this Thursday's first birthday for Survey London, the night run by Plastician which has done more than most to champion this emerging sound, all the more of an event.

The birthday party on Thursday will take place at Phonox (formerly Plan B) in Brixton, and manning the decks will be Plastician himself, alongside Faze Miyake, Kareful, Skit, Glacci, Daffy & Kyo. We're told to expect "a meld of grime, club and wave", and it's this forward-thinking music policy - along with a knack for spotting underground talent first - that's made Survey London something of an industry hangout du jour. The club regularly attract the likes of Joker, Oneman and Benga, all of whom have been known to turn up as punters but end up playing impromptu sets anyway!

"It's something I'm very proud of doing from a promotion point of view," says Plastician. "In the early 00s I dabbled in promotions and put on three events called Filthy Dub which gave Skream, Benga, N Type and Loefah all their first dubstep gigs... I wanted to be a part of putting on the first shows for the wave sound in a similar vein."

The history of dance music is full of clubs that, rather than just playing a particular sound, have actually helped to give birth to and shape it - from the Paradise Garage and The Warehouse, obviously, right through to the likes of FWD>> (dubstep), Co-Op (broken beat) and Niche (bassline). Is Survey London going to join that list? Only time will tell, but if you have any interest in wave music whatsoever, maybe best get down there just in case... you don't want to miss out on bragging rights further down the line!

Tickets are available now via the usual outlets.





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