2020 Jul 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Rising Dutch star Justin Den Heijer brings the deep jazzy bizniss

Dutch D&B producer Styke, AKA Justin Den Heijer, comes to London's Eloisa Records with an EP packing five seriously mellow liquid cuts.

Up first is Stride, a gentle, piano-led piece with a soulful (albeit quite poppy) male vocal and a gorgeous jazzy bassline redolent of vintage Alex Reece/Al's Records material. Then we come to Oversight itself, a slightly pacier, even more jazz-leaning and again piano-led affair with a stylistically appropriate female vocal courtesy of Emilienne Chouadossi. Broody downtempo interlude Subtend then leads us to Indus, a darker roller that counterpoints the sugar-sweet stylings of the first two cuts nicely, before Auris collab Mellifluous closes out the EP on a jazzy tip once more, with some fine sax work on show.

If you're a fan of hard-edged neurofunk, tech-step and so on, this isn't going to be for you. But if you like your D&B on the deep n' dreamy side, then step right on in…

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 July



Review Score: 8




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