2021 Oct 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Dan Jeffries serves up a varied four-tracker on his own mu-sic label

Bristol DJ and producer Dan Jeffries, better known as [sic], brings us a four-track EP on his own mu-sic label which, we're told, "represents a walk through the different sides of his music".

There's certainly plenty of variety on offer. The EP kicks off with I'll Be Your Eyes, which you can file under tech-house or techno as you see fit – though both the looped, spoken male vocal and the big, metallic synth topline that emerges to echo the dominant ascending bass hook are, it has to be said, reminiscent of classic Belgian techno from the early 90s. Or perhaps just of Atomic Playboy, my personal fave cut off Reactivate Vol 1…

Next comes Bongo Brains, a rolling and much more house-oriented affair augmented by some strange, otherworldly warping keys/synths, which again nods to the rave era when an airhorn suddenly announces its presence in the breakdown. Vuurverk then takes us into proper minimal territory, being a dark, unhurried throbber with a vague air of spy thriller-esque suspense, before the EP's completed by Where Are You, a chunky instrumental cut that marries a fat, rollin' tech-house bottom end to the industrial FX and echoes of dub techno and minimal.

All good but Vuurverk takes the gold for me, with I'll Be Your Eyes a close second.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 14 October



Review Score: 8




Tags: [sic], Dan Jeffries, mu-sic, Bristol, techno, tech-house, minimal