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Sanchez and Rivera can't get over you

US legends team up on new single

2015 Dec 17     
2 Bit Thugs

'Can't Get Over You' is out now on Get Twisted

This week sees two US house A-listers joining forces. The duo in question are Sandy Rivera and Roger Sanchez (in his S-Man guise), who along with vocalist LZ Hall have dropped the single Can't Get Over You on Get Twisted Records.

Despite the pair both being time-served veterans of the US house scene, Can't Get Over You is a thoroughly now-sounding affair, with a throbbing, rave-tinged bassline and plenty of big-room drama in the builds and drops (though the latter is hardly new territory for Rog, to be fair!). Expect to hear it throughout the Xmas and New Year party season.

Just the one mix has been released so far, but look out next week for a deeper Blackwiz Remix from Rivera, wherein the bassline shenanigans are dialled back and the vocal brought more to the fore. It'll be available from Tuesday (22 December).

Get Twisted, which is headed up by the London house duo Tough Love, is definitely on a roll right now. Launched in 2013, this year the label signed an imprint deal with Columbia Records and has put out tracks/mixes by the likes of Todd Terry, Purple Disco Machine, Amine Edge & Dance and Hannah Wants.

To find out more about Get Twisted, follow them on Facebook and Twitter or hit up their website.





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