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Rave To The Moon: your ticket to the stars

DJ CONTEST: the world's first steps-based charity rave needs YOU!

2020 Dec 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Submit a five-minute video mix and win a set alongside Mr Scruff, DJ Yoda, Jumpin' Jack Frost and more

This New Year’s Eve, beatbox supremo SK Shlomo is challenging the world to take 500 million steps in a charity 'rave from home' called Rave To The Moon. The livestreamed event will star DJ Yoda, Mr Scruff, Jumpin' Jack Frost, House Gospel Choir, Felix Buxton & Vula from Basement Jaxx, Nitin Sawhney, Radio 1’s Arielle Free, Beardyman, Heartless Crew and more.

The name Rave To The Moon wasn't just plucked out of the air at random. The organisers have calculated that the average dancing adult will take 6,000 steps over the course of an hour's raving. So given that it's approximately 384,400km – or 577 million steps – to the Moon, they've worked out that if 16,000 people tune in over the course of the 8pm-1am livestream, then collectively they'll generate enough steps (and sponsorship money) to get there.

Many livestreams have, of course, raised money for good causes this year, from NHS charities to food banks to disaster relief. But Rave To The Moon's a bit different: it's raising money for a charity of your choice. The idea is that, with so many charities in all sectors having experienced a severe shortfall in funding during the pandemic, those who tune in can either make a donation to their chosen charity themselves or – if they're equipped with a fitness tracker – set up their own Rave To The Moon page on JustGiving and get friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them.

The event is free to watch on Mixcloud Live – though donations are HIGHLY recommended, people, please! – with up to 1,000 ravers also able to interact with each other via a dedicated Zoom channel. Meanwhile back in meat space, the DJs involved will be playing in a number of locations around the world, including the Royal Albert Hall.

And you could be spinning right alongside them, because iDJ has teamed up with SK Shlomo, Rave To The Moon and Point Blank and we're looking for one talented newcomer who can get up there on the night and show the old guard what's what!

How to enter
To bag a 15-minute DJ set in front of thousands of remote ravers, and take home gear from Pioneer DJ and Ableton, simply complete the following instructions:

1. Capture your spirit as a DJ on a video (max five mins - this can be filmed on your phone) 

2. Submit your video at before 3pm GMT on Tues 22 December.

On Monday 28 December there will be a public vote to select the champion from an shortlist drawn up by a panel of industry experts – so even if you're not entering the competition yourself, join the community over on Facebook to help choose the next star DJ!

For more details regarding the livestream see Rave To The Moon's own website, or for more infomation on the competition, watch the video below or click here.






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