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Printworks unveil December line-ups

Chemical Brothers, Kalkbrenner, Hawtin and more

2017 Sep 21     
2 Bit Thugs

There's just three dates to choose from, but what an array of talent...

London's newest clubbing behemoth Printworks have announced their December schedule, and there are plenty of big names to get Smoke-dwelling clubbers excited.

The Chemical Brothers visit the "experimental, multipurpose cultural hub" onboard the good ship Bugged Out! on Saturday 2 December, while the following week (Saturday 9 December) sees a live set by Paul Kalkbrenner - we're assured this will go ahead despite Kalkbrenner's having to cancel some live gigs recently due to an ear infection, as he's expected to have made a full recovery by then.

The jewel in Printworks' December crown, though, is surely the Issue 002 Closing Party on Sunday 10 December when Richie Hawtin comes to town, bringing with him not just his PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer but some friends as well - namely Chris Liebing, Luciano, Nicole Moudaber, Rebekah, Fabio Florido, Hito, Benjamin Damage and Etapp Kyle. And you could even be joining them, because there's an Open Decks session for ticket holders early doors - hit up for details once you've got your ticket.

And speaking of tickets, they're available from the Printworks website now. Do note that 9 and 10 December are daytime events (noon-10.30pm and noon-11.30pm respectively), while 2 December's Bugged Out! session is an evening affair, running from 6pm-2am.





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