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PREMIERE! 'Morgana' by Distorted Drill

Leftfield electro-breaks from Dubiks Music

2020 May 14     
2 Bit Thugs

The track comes from the 'Black Witches EP', which is out tomorrow

Today's exclusive track premiere finds us once more in leftfield, breaks-y territory, as iDJ brings you a first chance to hear Morgana by Distorted Drill. It's one of five tracks that make up the Black Witches EP, which is out tomorrow (Friday 15 May) on Dubiks Music.

The EP is only the sixth release from the UK label, though the name may already be familiar to many DJs and other music industry types. That's because Dubiks Music is a new in-house label run by the much longer-established promo and distribution service of the same name, who work across a wide variety of genres, from house and techno to rock, pop, rap and indie – as befits their brand motto, "connecting music lovers".

As for Distorted Drill himself, he's an Italian producer and audio engineer who's based in Milan, where he graduated from the SAE Institute, and says, "my music is inspired by electronic and techno-bass from the 90s, with a huge amount of distortion." Previous releases have come on labels including Bass Agenda, Blind Allies and Division Virtuel.

Elsewhere on the Black Witches EP – described on the hype sheet as "dark electro ambient" – you'll find the ominous throb of the title cut with its church-like chanted vox, the dark 80s electro of Baba Jaga, the more aggressive and rave-tinged Aradia and the fast n' furious Circe. Those with an interest in folklore may notice that the track titles all reference famous "witches" from history, as does the track you're about to hear, Morgana – a breakbeat-driven, bass-heavy dancefloor workout that goes straight for the jugular.

See what you think…

Like that? Then find out more at the links below, or click here to order the EP.

Distorted Drill: Soundcloud / Facebook  Dubiks Music: Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / website





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