2017 Apr 27     
2 Bit Thugs

Three tracks on offer and it really is a case of "all killer, no filler"

Joe Moses, better known as Need For Mirrors (and not to be confused with the other Joe Moses, who's an American rapper) returns to Horizons Music with an absolutely superb three-track EP here.

Dead Poets itself gets the ball rolling. Credited to Need For Mirrors feat Onallee, it's a smooth-rollin' liquid affair, with the Reprazent singer providing a gorgeously wistful and slightly trip-hop-ish female vocal that's complimented by some lovely fragile piano work. Next up is Tempora, which is altogether darker and more minimal in feel than the title track but scores just as highly in the quality stakes, its understated steppers' beats and finger-clicks sitting back in the mix and letting the slinky, sinuous buzz bassline and trippy FX create a vibe consisting of equal parts dancefloor energy and vague, unspecific menace. And then finally there's Virage, a slightly more experimental liquid cut with an extended beats-free breakdown in the middle and a hint of Detroit-y synth-strings.

On any other EP, Virage would be a no-brainer for the lead cut, so it's testament to how good Dead Poets and Tempora are that here, it'll have to settle for a 'close third' (with Tempora just snatching the gold for yours truly). A superb EP that all lovers of deeper shades of D&B would be well advised to investigate.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 28 April



Review Score: 9




Tags: Need For Mirrors, Joe Moses, Horizons Music, D&B, DnB, D+B, drum n' bass, drum & bass, liquid funk, minimal D&B