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Moog unveils the Subharmonicon

A semi-modular analogue polyrhythmic synthesizer

2020 May 13     
2 Bit Thugs

First seen at MoogFest in 2018, the complex, maths-based synth is now shipping worldwide

Moog has officially launched the Subharmonican, a semi-modular analogue synth that was first shown (in kit form) at MoogFest in 2018. 

Part of Moog's 'Mother' line, which also includes the Mother-32, Grandmother, Matriarch and DFAM, the Subharmonicon is inspired by two experimental machines from the earliest days of electronic music, Joseph Schillinger's Mixtur-Trautonium and Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon, which date back to the years between the two world wars. 

Sounds are generated by two VCOs, each with two sub-oscillators, which can be set to replicate the same frequency as the main oscillator or divide it by 1-16. This means that a single button press can effectively generate a six-note chord, which can then be further shaped using a four-pole, low-pass ladder filter and two VCA EG and VCA EF envelopes.

These complex subharmonics are key to the synth's appeal – hence the name. But also important are the four Rhythm Generators. Combined with two analogue, four-step sequencers each offering a choice of four quantization modes, these enable the creation of complex polyrhythms using the sounds generated as described above.

The Subharmonicon also has a 32-point patchbay and can be added to an existing Eurorack system, meaning the possibilities are basically endless. It's definitely one for the tweakers, sound designers and synth nerds, rather than those taking their first steps in music creation. But if that's you, then it's on sale now, priced £739.

For more details, watch the videos below or see Moog's own website.






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