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Making Waves: Monsieur Frazier

35 minutes of dreamy, lounge-y house inside

2021 Sep 11     
2 Bit Thugs

With his self-titled debut EP out now, Los Angeles native Monsieur Frazier does us a mix

In our Making Waves series we showcase DJ mixes by rising stars of the scene. Today it's the turn of Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Monsieur Frazier, who – after putting out 40-odd records by other people – is about to release his debut EP on his own Understated Recordings label.

Name: Monsieur Frazier

AKA: Mike Frazier, Mic Frazier, Frazier, Sunset Groove, Michael

Age: 31

Location: West Los Angeles

Describe the music you make in 20 words or less: Trying to connect various forms of music from the African diaspora.

Five key influences: Julio Bashmore, Tyler, the Creator, Skream, Kaytranada, Honey Dijon

What one artist/producer would you most like to work with, and why? Channel Tres, We’re two black dudes from LA, making the same style of music, rapping over our own house beats, and we have very similar musical influences. I feel like we would really just understand each other. Plus, I feel it’d be super-fun to nerd out over west coast and LA rap with him.

If people check out just ONE of your tracks, what should it be? Keep You Close

What else do iDJ readers need to know? My self-titled debut EP is out now on my label, Understated Recordings, and I’m working on a ton of new music! Stay tuned! 

Pic: Carly Bernstein

Monsieur Frazier's Monsieur Frazier EP is out now on Understated Recordings – buy/stream it here.

Follow Monsieur Frazier:  Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter   

Follow Understated Recordings: Soundcloud / Facebook / TwitterBandcamp / website





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