2019 Mar 25     
2 Bit Thugs

The young Cardiff producer returns to the Bristol stable

What we have here is young Cardiff producer Alex Loxham's second EP for long-running Bristol D&B label Lockdown Recordings, which gives you four pleasingly varied tracks to choose from.

Fosseway itself is up first. Taking its name from an old Roman road that ran from Exeter to Lincoln, don't you know, the EP's title track has an extended beatless piano-and-strings intro, before breaking out into a light, uptempo instrumental that's two-parts liquid to one-part the saccharine rush you get from the likes of DJ Fresh or Sigma. Listen Keenly, which follows, boasts a male spoken vocal that sounds like it's been sampled from a hypnosis or mindfulness tape, while musically it treads not dissimilar ground to Fosseway but with a slightly darker edge. 

Over on the [entirely hypothetical] flip, meanwhile, Wall Of Silence is a fast-paced liquid funker with a chipmunk'd vocal (always a neat lil' trick if you want to get this ageing raver's attention!), while Movers And Shakers plays us out on a more in-your-face tip, blending classic 90s influences with a hint of contemporary jump-up in the sound palette – just enough to make it work on today's younger floors, not enough to scare off the older heads.

All four tracks are well executed – and it's certainly good to see a young producer who's willing to tackle a range of styles, rather than getting stuck in one narrow micro-genre. But it's really the latter two cuts that have earned this EP its place here.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Locksem, Lockdown Recordings, Alex Loxham, D&B, drum & bass, drum n bass, DnB, D+B, liquid funk, jump-up