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#LetUsDance campaign scores huge victory

Venue rescue package WILL include those featuring electronic music

2020 Jul 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Brief for Culture Recovery Fund specifically includes house, drum & bass, grime and more

In news that will come as a great relief for many working in the nightclub, festival and dance/electronic music industries, the UK Arts Council has announced a £500M Culture Recovery Fund whose remit specifically and explicitly includes genres such as house, hip-hop, drum & bass, grime and dubstep (alongside rock, indie, jazz, opera and so on).

On Monday, the government had previously announced £2.25M in emergency grants for music venues, but those monies were available only to venues that offered "a significant live music programme", which would rule out most nightclubs and dance music festivals. But that £2.25M, it now transpires, forms just part of the £500M allocated to the Culture Recovery Fund, which has a broader scope.

The move comes after the launch last week of #LetUsDance, a campaign organised by leading industry bodies such as the Musicians Union, the Night-Time Industries Association, the Association For Electronic Music and the Performing Rights Society, which set out to ensure that electronic music venues would be treated fairly in comparison to those promoting live music and other forms of the arts. Whether today's announcement is a reaction to that campaign or whether such funding was already in the pipeline anyway isn't clear, but it's great news either way, and should hopefully result in fewer well-loved venues and brands going down the tubes in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Greg Marshall, general manager of the Association For Electronic Music, said:

"The huge support for the #LetUsDance campaign showed the significance of Electronic Music Events in so many people’s lives. This was a passionate call for government recognition of the genre within arts and culture. It is great to now see the £500m Culture Recovery Fund details released this week with Electronic Music specifically included within the cultural definition. The campaign achieved its core objective. Thanks to everyone who supported."

For more information about the Culture Recovery Fund, and to see if your organisation is eligible to apply, see the Arts Council's own website.





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