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Krust announces new album

'The Edge Of Everything' drops on 6 November

2020 Sep 10     
2 Bit Thugs

It's the Bristol D&B don's first full-length album in 14 years

Bristol drum & bass legend and Full Cycle co-founder Krust has announced that his first album in 14 years, The Edge Of Everything, will be released by Crosstown Rebels on 6 November.

If the choice of label comes as a surprise, it's probably worth bearing in mind that label boss Damian Lazarus used to run a London D&B night called PM Scientists, many years ago, and he and Krust have been friends ever since. Plus, while firmly rooted in D&B, The Edge Of Everything isn't your typical drum & bass album, which Krust – who returned to making music in 2016, after putting his production career on hold to study in 2008 – says is simply a reflection of our times.

"As we go further into the abyss of unprecedented uncertainty and turmoil, we have to face the reality of our future and adapt," he says. "Even if we’re dragged kicking and screaming, we’re going into a new world, whether we like it or not. Some people are reluctant to do something different, but I'm pushing forward to show our capabilities. We don’t need be afraid. We have to embrace change, deal with life in a new way, and find different approaches."

The full tracklist for the album is as follows:

1. Hegel Dialectic
2. Constructive Ambiguity
3. Negative Returns
4. Antigravity Love
5. The Dust Fell Off
6. Known Truths
7. Deep Fields Of Liars
8. Keter The Heavenly
9. It's A Lot
10. Space Oddity
11. Only God Can Tell

Pic: James Hacker






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