2018 Feb 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Their new EP for Roush features remixes by Huxley and Leon

Javi Bora and fellow Ibizan producer Iban Mendoza drop two fresh cuts that are a prime example of Spain’s thriving and ever-evolving house scene, and which come with a remix a-piece courtesy of Leon and Huxley.

Bora is first up with the title track. Nights Of Groove starts with a choppy percussion loop that's joined by a thumping kick and a simple bassline in a very minimal production. There are a few whooshes and snare fills, but that's it - until it reaches the 3:22 mark, when things kick off with a human-sung drum fill and a real siren that kicks in afterwards and totally lifts the track. Next up is Bora and Mendoza’s collaborative offering House Room, which begins with an acid loop and breakbeat percussion that take you to a snare roll and the arrival of the vocal and kickdrum. Both tracks are pretty impressive, as are the remixes. Leon’s take on Nights Of Groove is a chunky houser featuring spoken multi-tracked vocals and sirens, while the Huxley Big Room Remix of House Room has tuned cowbells and an evolving 303 line.

All four tracks are a little bit crazy and very individual-sounding, and this whole package is well worth checking out. My favourite is the original of House Room but I can see this EP winning favour for all of the tracks, as they really do need hearing as soon as possible - before everyone else starts playing them to death!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 5 February



Review Score: 8




Tags: Javi Bora, Iban Mendoza, Roush Label, Huxley, Leon, house