2019 May 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Veterans Herd and Millett team up with young bloods Davos and Tom Da Lips

If you're a fan of funky, soulful house music this release will be right up your street: it's pretty much the aural embodiment of that sound, and comes fully loaded with two servings of the good stuff. This is the first in a series of Weirdo Cuts EPs from Manchester veteran Jason Herd's Weirdo Recordings, and I have to say it's a very promising start!

The first track, credited to Jason Herd & Davos ft Lisa Millett, is called On My Mind (Dub) and starts with a swung, clickety-click drum beat, then brings in bass tones until the vocal hits. When it does, it's accompanied by Rhodes piano and some subtle string lines which give the track a soulful feel to match the splendid performance from Lisa Millet. Next up is Running, which is credited to Jason Herd & Tom Da Lips ft Lisa Millett and starts with the vocal line “I’m running for you” repeated over and over, joined by a tight bassline and eventually a full-on piano riff. These elements lead us on nicely to the main hook, an awesome saxophone lick from Da Lips that just oozes soulful vibes and really brings the track to life. There are also organ stabs and more of the looped vocal, and all put together it becomes a formidable funk bomb that I can’t wait to drop.

This is a fine way to kick off the new series and I'll definitely be keeping an eye and ear open for further volumes. My favourite of the two is Running, but both will no doubt get a hammering from yours truly.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 3 May


Review Score: 8




Tags: Jason Herd, Lisa Millett, Davos, Tom Da Lips, Weirdo Recordings, house, soulful house, funky house, vocal house