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Introducing the Moog One

Moog launches its first new polyphonic synth in over 30 years

2018 Oct 10     
2 Bit Thugs

Expect to pay $5,999 for the eight-voice version or $7,999 for the 16-voice model

Moog has unveiled its first new polyphonic synth in 35 years, the Moog One. The announcement was made via a 20-minute video featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto, Chick Corea, Mark Ronson and other well-known keyboard botherers, which you can watch below.

The Moog One features three analogue VCOs with ring and frequency modulation, two analogue filters, an analogue noise-generator, four LFOs, three envelope generators and an analogue mixer with external audio inputs. In terms of styling, the One looks much like classic Moog synths of yore, but the small LCD screen in the midsection marks it out as belonging firmly in the 21st Century.

Eight- and 16-voice versions of the Moog will be available, priced $5,999 and $7,999 respectively. For more information, see Moog's own website.






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