2017 Jun 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Whether you like it minimal, liquid or on the darker side, Ill Truth have you covered

Ill Truth demonstrate once again why they are one of the next up-and-coming acts to take the D&B world by storm, with a massive release on Break’s Symmetry Recordings imprint. With collaborations from Satl and Charli Brix (who also provided some sublime vocal work for Enei’s Just One Look), the In Your Soul EP is a must-have for anyone that enjoys the deeper side of this genre.

Opening the EP is the title track, which features Fokuz Recordings’ Satl and the vocals of Charli Brix. This tune gets right down to it from the offset, gracing the listener almost immediately with a pristine drum break and of course Brix’s unique vocals. The keys and atmosphere die down as if rolling down a runway getting ready to take off into the stratosphere. This is classic liquid but make no mistake, it is not just a regurgitation of what has come before it. Despite the mix feeling extremely full it is at the same time a call to a more minimal side of liquid - a truly unique piece of music sure to grab the attention.

Next up we have Discover, an entirely different beast. This track perfectly fuses a much older-sounding vibe with the production techniques and arrangement of a newer school of D&B thought. A wide variety of influences come to mind, including label boss Break himself and the newer sounds of Alix Perez/Spectrasoul’s recent collaborative efforts.Tear Up again completely switches up the vibe and pace of this already varied EP, as dubbed- out vox/FX float over the top of a rolling half-time, almost tribal beat. The mid lines that come in after the drop only further the trip inside the listener's mind, drawing them further and further into what feels like a black hole of bass and sound design.

The duo wrap up the EP with After Hours. This is much closer to what we have come to know and love from these guys, bringing some seriously dark weight to the table that will not only batter your eardrums at home on the cans but rinse out any system that it graces its presence with.

All in all, this is a fantastic EP that's highly recommended for all lovers of 170bpm music.

Words: Altered Perception

Release date: 9 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Ill Truth, Symmetry Recordings, Break, D&B, DnB, D+B, drum n' bass, drum & bass, Satl, Charlie Brix