2020 Aug 02     
2 Bit Thugs

Canada's Greg Gow comes to Steve Bug's label with a killer three-tracker

Greg Gow is a 20-year veteran of the Toronto techno scene, and the head of the Restuctrured label. With the link between Toronto and Detroit well established, it's perhaps unsurprisingly Motor City-style techno he's best known for – much of his work has come on labels like KMS, Transmat and Planet E. But over the years he's produced a wide range of house and techno styles, and this three-track EP on Poker Flat – his debut for the label – is a case in point.

Base Jumping itself, presented here in Free Fall Mix form, does sit pretty comfortably under the Detroit umbrella with its dark, pounding 4/4s, throbbing bass and vaguely dystopic/frightening synth chords. Minister Of Music, on the other hand, owes as much to Chicago as it does to the Motor City, being a far groovier, housier cut with its slinky walking bassline, energising chords/stabs and sampled, spoken "power… music has power" vocal. 

The REAL reason this is here, though – and the reason it's getting a rare '9' from yours truly – is Lost Chords, a fat-assed slab of rave nostalgia that you can file under house, tech-house or techno as you see fit. That rave/jungle/SG-style bassline would be heart-stealer on its own, but once the nagging, heavily-effected piano chords it's game over.  

Time's remorseless arrow points in but one direction… it's never going to be 1991 again, and I'm sadly never going to be 21 again, either. But thanks to Lost Chords, I can at least pretend, if only for six-and-a-half minutes! MONSTER tune.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 31 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Greg Gow, Poker Flat, Toronto, house, rave, techno