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Full PLAYdifferently spec revealed

Hawtin's mixer will sell for £2,500

2016 May 03     
2 Bit Thugs

The PLAYdifferently Model 1, to give it its full name, features all-analogue circuitry

After months of speculation and online teasers, full details have now emerged of the PLAYdifferently Model 1 that Richie Hawtin has created alongside Allen & Heath.

Engineered by Allen & Heath's Andy Rigby-Jones, who gave the world the Xone series, PLAYdifferently's first-born is a six-channel mixer with two stereo send-and-returns, 60mm TDK channel faders, hi-pass and lo-pass filters plus parametric midrange EQ on every channel, and a three-band master EQ. So far so normal, but it's the little extra touches that make that £2.5K price tag look a little more justified!

The Model 1's phono preamps, for instance, have been designed to ensure phono and digital sources play at the same level, while the booth output has its own two-channel EQ. There's an additional EQ/filter set called SCULPT which can be assigned to any channel, a Mixer Link so that two Model 1s can be joined together for two-man (or two-woman) sets, a Dual Cue system for smoother DJ handovers, TASCAM DB25 connectors for the sound techs, and a dedicated front-mounted Record out on a 3.5mm jack. And perhaps most importantly, the Model 1 features all-analogue circuitry and a balanced main mix buss, which should ensure the kind of rich, creamy sound Allen & Heath's mixers are famous for.

Want one? Well, you'll have to wait a little bit longer: Model 1 won't ship until the end of June, but PLAYdifferently is already taking preorders via its website.






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