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FREE DOWNLOAD! Kachina feat Afua - Hypnotize

Free future garage-pop bizniss from Affectionate Grooves

2016 Mar 19     
2 Bit Thugs

NexGen's new garage sub-label trail their sixth release with a free track giveaway

Based jointly in Washington DC, USA and Leicester, UK, drum & bass label NexGen Music recently launched a more garage-inclined sub-label, Affectionate Grooves. And now they're making the lead track from the label's sixth release available as a free download.

Opening with a long intro of warping reversed sounds, Hypnotize is the title track from the forthcoming Hypnotize EP, and features a sweet, quite poppy female vocal from Afua that sits atop steppy UKG beats, a haunting, almost oriental-sounding synth line and, of course, plenty of cavernous low-end rumble.

"Music from the spiritual dimension to sharpen your senses and calm your soul," is how Affectionate Grooves describe it - but you, dear iDJ readers, can of course make your own minds up! Note that while you can listen to the track right here, to download it you'll need to click through to the Soundcloud page itself, and give them a 'like' on Facebook to unlock the download.

Like that? Then find Affectionate Grooves on Soundcloud or at the NexGen Music website... and keep your eyes peeled for the full EP








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