2020 Dec 05     
2 Bit Thugs

Relative newcomers Farflow impress with their versatility on this Fokuz four-tracker

Belgian duo Farflow return to Fokuz Recordings with a four-track EP that demonstrates a remarkable stylistic flexibility, particularly when you take into account that the pair are still relative newcomers to the game.

We know and love Fokuz Recordings for deeper D&B styles – liquid, minimal and half-time. But the opening track here, Inna Dat, finds us firmly in jungle territory – if you'd told me this track came out in 93/94, I'd have totally believed you. Tendu then follows like day follows night, being a sweetly rolling lil' liquid cut with some achingly delicate piano and a dreamy, slightly chipmunk'd female vocal.

Alarms itself – probably the closest thing on the EP to a standard-issue D&B track (2020 vintage) – marries both sets of influences: the reggae vocal lends it a little junglistic flavour, albeit it's a lot more polished and contemporary-sounding than the far rawer Inna Dat, but there's also a very soulful feel which means it'd slot into liquid sets nicely too. And then finally we get Sundown, another piano-led liquid roller but with some fairly hefty nods, too, to the hardcore era.

It's Inna Dat that's the stone cold killer for me here, but the EP as a whole shows that Farflow, despite their tender years, have more than one string to their D&B bow – and that marks them out as a duo who are worth keeping an eye on.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 30 November



Review Score: 8




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