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EXCLUSIVE! 'Fleek Like Me' by Brinksman ft Lady Levo

Check out the dub before it drops on Friday

2016 Nov 01     
2 Bit Thugs

Club Vocal, Radio Edit and Acapella mixes will complete the package

Like that big, dirty, stinking bass? Then we've got a treat for you today, as iDJ premieres the Dub Mix of Brinksman ft Lady Levo's Fleek Like Me, which is out on Friday (4 November) on his own Urban Habitat Recordings.

Brinksman might be a new name, but this is no wet-behind-the-ears novice we're looking at here. Rather, Brinksman is the latest production alias for London-based producer Sam Gordon, whose CV stretches back to the mid-90s jungle scene, with releases on labels like Tearin' Vinyl and work with ragga jungle collective Kemet Crew. During the 00s he was one-half of breaks duo Class Of 83 (C83), while more recently he's been working on his own, making both house and (as Missing) D&B - Missing's Back To Jungle was just signed to Hospital's Med School imprint.

This new alias, though, sees him moving into bass music territory, mixing up house, bassline, electro and grime to create something that's 100% contemporary. The urban-style vocal from Lady Levo underlines that fact, but for today's premiere we picked the Dub because that's where that filthy bassline shines through the most.

See what you think...


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